What is WebPush?

WebPush is the web standard to allow a server to notify its client that something changed.

In your webapp you ask the browser for a subscription, you start a service-worker that will handle notifications and you send your subscription to the server so that it can send you notifications.

A schema describing interactions between a service, the browser and the Mozilla Push Server

Example of how we could use WebPush with Kinto.

For more about WebPush, do not hesitate to read this article

What is this WebPush Channel Broadcasting service about?

tl;dr Broadcasting notifications using WebPush made simple.

Handling sending notifications to a large number of users for a web service might be a problem.

  • It can slow down the request response time by a lot, or you need to spawn tasks workers (i.e celery, rq))
  • You need to store and retrieve the subscription and have endpoint for your clients to manage them.
  • You need to handle errors, retry, etc.

The WebPush Channel broadcasting service follow the micro-services philosophy and handle all these tasks for you:

  • It will allow you to notify all your users with one simple HTTP POST request that will be accepted in milliseconds.
  • It will automatically handle the load of sending thousands of notifications, encrypt them specifically for each subscription.
  • It will allow your users to manage their subscriptions and the list of channels they are listening to.
  • It will handle errors and retry.